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Copyright © 2013 Viveka Bowry, All Rights Reserved                                                        © Website Design by Sarah Jennings  2013     

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Title: Celtic Direction

Location: Ladygrove Waterfall, Matlock, Derbyshire , U.K.

Date: Constructed in parts during September and October 2014

This time of the year finds us in the phase of Autumn Equinox in the Celtic calendar. On an inner level this equinox is about seeking a place of balance within – between inner and outer activities as we prepare to release summer and wrap up for winter.

I have located this Land Art piece near my home base so that I may visit it regularly. It serves for me as an anchoring point and a place of orientation for my daily life journey.

The eight stones correlate with the points of the compass, and also with the eight  Celtic Festivals of the year. Thus it holds within its structure the complete cycle through the seasons.

This creation has been constructed by my Land Art colleague Didi and me, together hefting large stones which we gathered from the location and secured in position.

It differs from other works in that is intended that it will be a durable piece, able to resist to some extent the forces of nature around it. I regularly re – erect fallen stones when there has been a large volume of water passing through the circle.

The eye becomes used to seeing the erratic and irregular scattering of stones along the shore and bed of the stream.

Here the eye is arrested by pattern-making using the same materials that sit alongside it, but placing them in a different formation.

This work forms an energetic link with Resonant Circle, an earlier Land Art piece I created on Sunshine Coast , W. Canada.

Watch the video of Celtic Direction