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What is Land Art About for me?

I journey to a place in Nature, I connect with this place by sitting quietly there; by walking around it; by a grounding and meditation practice. I make an intervention in the landscape using only natural materials that I find at the site eg. Rock, stones, leaf, plant matter etc. The sculptural forms I create are transient, in that they only remain until the wind, rain, sun, tides or a wild animal breaks them apart. This land art thus arises from a specific place and the materials return harmlessly to the elements, place, life cycle from where they came.

This art-form resonates with and aligns itself with the laws of Nature, that is to say the cycles of birth, maturation, decay and re-birth, the self-sustaining and self-modulating cycles that arise from the very pulse of Nature. The only thing that remains are my photographs which provide a visual documentation and means of communication about the work .

Zen Stones

Zen Stones

Celtic Direction

Celtic Direction

Fern Frond

Fern Frond Circle of Poldhu Pause The Witness Cellular Gift

Cellular Gift

Weaving A Dream

Weaving the Dream

The Witness

Circle of Poldhu

Rite of Release


The Group of Nine

Rites of Release

The Group of Nine