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Land Art Workshops with Viveka

If you’re interested in


then you may like a Land Art Workshop – you don’t need previous experience.  It’ll be in two parts.

The first part is a day 10 -3.  The second part is a 2 hour follow up.


On the workshop you will  

The workshops are based on the Celtic cycles of the year - solstice, equinox and quarter festivals. Flowing with these seasonal points has resonance for our own lives.  

Creating our pieces of land art can develop our sense of Place. It connects us with our ancestors, habitat and the greater mysteries.

This diagram illustrates The Celtic Wheel of the Year. When I build each piece of land art I am always conscious and mindful of where we are within this seasonal cycle, and my work reflects and honours these Celtic traditions.

What is Land Art?

Land Art lives in nature.  It grows from the natural environment such as woodland, beach, moorland, river and mountains.  The person creates land art.  They interact with the environment and gather nearby natural objects. They then make an intervention in the landscape to make a temporary form or structure.

See my Land Art here

Who are my Workshops for?

If any of the above appeals, then it’s for you!

All ages and abilities welcome. No previous experience is needed. Land Art is also especially therapeutic for:

Feedback from Previous Participants

“Have you wanted to create and felt shy about it? Don’t!

Viveka will guide you through a lovely day of learning how to get in touch with your creative self in Nature.” Del

“I am inspired to do more. I can imagine that every time I go to the beach or for a walk that I will make a new piece” S

“Don’t worry - go with your instinct and trust your senses. Enjoy - you will!“

“Do It! Great teacher and very supportive/experienced.

It is wonderful to work in and with Nature.” Liz

“The knowledge that being mindful of where I am in Nature presents a multitude of creative opportunity.” D.M.

Image Courtesy of Glennie Kindred

For current workshop dates and to book click here

For current workshop dates and to book click here

Watch a video about my land art and workshops.